Energy Procurement

To protect energy consumers from volatile market conditions we offer an array of products and solutions that will help businesses budget with confidence and avoid purchasing energy when prices spike.


Fixed Procurement: Fixed price procurement can offer businesses absolute price certainty and only requires the energy consumer to make one purchasing decision. As this is a single transaction, it’s vital that businesses receive valuable advice on when to purchases their energy requirement. PEP Ltd, advise energy consumers when market conditions look favourable and negotiate with supplier to ensure there are no unnecessary risk premiums included in the contract.

Flexible Procurement: Purchasing energy flexible allows a business to protect its utilities budget while optimizing prices should market conditions present themselves. More energy consumers are utilising flexible products to mitigate the volatility in the energy market. PEP Ltd are experts in negotiating flexible products ensuring energy consumers can take full advantage of a risk managed solution.

Risk Management: Professional Energy Purchasing offer bespoke risk management strategies suited to a business’s risk appetite. Our risk managers develop strategies to help you buy, sell back and spread the risk of buying your total energy requirement with full transparency of the wholesale market.


Green Energy: Green and low carbon energy is widely available from multiple suppliers in the industry. This means businesses can secure their energy from green generating assets to contribute investment towards the UK’s carbon commitment. There are many green products on the market, each with its own benefits towards CSR.


Please contact us to find out how green energy can benefit your business.

Why use an energy consultant? Energy consultants have TPI agreements with suppliers in order to achieve better rates for gas, electricity & water contracts.


Security of buying energy at the right time & the right price.

Protects you from rising energy costs.
Helps you budget with confidence.
For multiple sites we organise common end dates with the same supplier.

Energy Intensive Industries (EII) 

As part of its commitment to meeting climate change targets and building a sustainable energy future, the Government is currently investing heavily in renewable energy generation. From 1st April 2018 additional third party costs, in the form of the RO (Renewable Obligation) and CfDs (Contacts for Difference) may be applied to your electricity invoices as the cost of this generation is passed on to consumers.

For more in depth details see our blog post
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for more information from the Government website,

including a list of eligible sectors.

Posted: 7th February 2020

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