Energy Procurement

To insulate you from volatile market fluctuations we offer a selection of contracts that will help you to budget ahead saving you from any nasty surprises.

Fixed: This type of contract is popular as it allows businesses to control and budget their gas and electricity bills. A fixed term contract is the best way to protect your business from energy price rises.

Energy Only: Sometimes also referred to as a Pass Through contract for electricity, this is when the commodity cost is fixed for the duration of your contract but the non-commodity costs are still to be added at time of invoice and these can fluctuate. Non-commodity costs are not included in energy only quotes and they make up 60% of your overall unit rate.


Flexible: Flexible products give you control over buying your electricity and are designed for customers who want to track the market and optimise the way they buy electricity on a day-to-day basis or in trenches.

Green: Green electricity is supplied from a portion of renewable resources which is an environmentally friendly option. However this is slightly more expensive due to its production. Purchasing green energy will help businesses improve their carbon footprint and cause the least environmental damage.


Please contact us to see our other options available.

Why use an energy consultant? Energy consultants have TPI agreements with suppliers in order to achieve better rates for gas, electricity & water contracts.


Security of buying energy at the right time & the right price.

Protects you from rising energy costs.

Helps you manage your budget in advance.

For multiple sites we organise common end dates

with the same supplier.

Energy Intensive Industries (EII) 

As part of its commitment to meeting climate change targets and building a sustainable energy future, the Government is currently investing heavily in renewable energy generation. From 1st April 2018 additional third party costs, in the form of the RO (Renewable Obligation) and CfDs (Contacts for Difference) may be applied to your electricity invoices as the cost of this generation is passed on to consumers.

For more in depth details see our blog post
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for more information from the Government website,

including a list of eligible sectors.

Posted: 7th February 2020

Energy Market Updates