Project Coordination

Over many years, our team has accumulated considerable experience when coordinating utility projects. We can facilitate the quotation and acceptance process, work with the third parties to schedule the works, attend site meetings and have a presence to manage your expectations at site level.

Again, our site experiences enable us to identify issues and barriers before they happen thus supporting our clients to experience a smooth and informative journey.

For more information on this and pre-development work please contact us.

Gas Services

We guide and support our customers through every stage of the installation. From the location to the size of supply.



Our experienced team will guide you through the metering process, ensuring that the correct meter is properly installed.

Our team provide a
one-stop-shop solution
for the connection of gas, electricity & water into new buildings plus changes
to any existing ones.

Electric Services


Providing our customers with advice to meet all site work requirements. We work with our third parties to manage all electricity needs.

Water Services

We work with qualified water suppliers and distribution networks to offer new services in a deregulated market.