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Our team of commercial energy procurement specialists will work independently on your behalf to provide competitive prices for business gas, business electricity and business water, tailored to you.

We will arrange an initial discussion to explain how our energy procurement services work, but more importantly to talk about your business and what you are looking for. This is at no cost to you. We’ll then set to work to find the best business energy deal available to you.

Without a commercial energy contract in place, you’ll pay your retail supplier a variable rate which can be almost double the cost of a contract rate. It will also be subject to market volatility so if prices spike, you’ll get that cost passed onto you.

Business energy contracts can provide budget certainty and mitigate buying energy when the market price

is high.

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Buying gas and electricity for your business can be an overwhelming task for many. Understanding your energy bill is a crucial start to grasping the components that contribute to your business energy costs.

Energy bills are essentially a combination of the raw gas or electricity costs and third-party charges which are influenced by unstable market conditions, and different organisations in the supply chain.

Wind turbines

Fossil Fuels - Gas, Coal

Renewable - Solar, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydrapower

Power lines

e.g. Northern Power Grid control supply to

ensure supply meets demand

Set the commodity
market price

Monitor the market – best time to buy, different buying options bespoke to business type, advice on managing energy e.g. reducing at peak times

Bills can be divided into three main costs; standing charges, commodity costs and non-commodity costs.


Standing charges are costs that are collected by the supplier to pay for the distribution and transmission of your energy to the local distribution network operator which are charged differently depending on the utility. Gas is charged based on the consumption and type of meter installed and electricity is determined based on how much kVA is allocated to your meter and the amount of energy used.

Commodity pricing encompasses the raw energy itself, sourced from various origins such as fossil fuels (like coal and oil) or renewable sources (such as wind and solar power). Energy bills will include charges for your energy consumption, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

The market exerts significant influence on commodity prices, with factors like exchange rates, weather conditions, regional and global supply and demand dynamics, and changes in government legislation all impacting costs. Energy market brokers trade the raw energy and establish daily prices per kWh, which can fluctuate considerably.

Non-commodity costs are made up of third-party charges including a combination of distribution expenses and governmental fees and can constitute up to 60% of the overall energy bill.

Our team will consider and review all charges to help you get the best prices for your individual business.

Our team provides different procurement options including 100% green energy contracts to make sure you get the perfect fit for your business. 

When it comes to business energy contracts, companies have several options to consider, each tailored to suit different needs and preferences. Fixed contracts offer stability by locking in a set price for the duration of the contract, providing businesses with predictability and protection against market fluctuations. On the other hand, flexible contracts allow for more agility, enabling businesses to adjust their energy purchasing strategy in response to market changes, potentially capitalising on favourable conditions. At Professional Energy People (PEP), we work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and recommend the most suitable contract type to optimise their energy procurement strategy and minimise costs effectively.

And we won’t disappear once you’ve signed a contract. Our ongoing account management service means we stay with you every step of the way.

Transmission and distribution
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  • A review of any existing contracts and usage to look for savings and rebates.

  • Tailored business gas and business electricity procurement strategies based on market pricing, business approach to risk and energy consumption.

  • Market analysis to inform you when to buy.

  • Access to a reliable list of commercial utility suppliers to deliver competitive business rates and optional green energy solutions.

  • Assurance that contracts will be implemented smoothly (we won’t disappear once you’ve signed). We will be on hand for any energy-related queries you might have.

  • Support with metering installations, downgrades, upgrades, relocations or disconnections. 

  • Facilitation of siteworks with Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for new builds and extensions. We will also help with any change of tenancy paperwork.

  • Advice and support with energy grants and rebates.

Fixed Procurement

Fixed prices offer stability and protection against energy price fluctuations which help with forecasting budget confidence.

Flexibility gas and electric contracts

Buying gas and electricity on flexible contracts empower customers to adapt to changing market conditions and achieve potential cost savings.

Water Procurement

We can assess your water contract and evaluate different suppliers to find you the best solution based on pricing, service levels and reliability.

PEP Procurement Services

Navigating contract renewals for both business gas and business electricity is a critical aspect of managing commercial energy costs effectively. Whether you are renewing energy contracts for an SME, a single unit business premise or a large multi-site company, our experts at Professional Energy People can assist you. Our specialist Yorkshire based team will help you to optimise your energy procurement strategy, negotiating competitive rates and advising on the most suitable contract type for your business.

One common question we often get asked is if we sign the contract today will our new rates start immediately. The answer is no; we will buy ahead to secure the best rates to coincide with your existing contract end date.  Furthermore, businesses are not obligated to renew gas and electricity contracts with the same supplier, providing the freedom to explore competitive offers and secure the best deals for each energy type. 


At PEP, we understand the importance of simplifying the business energy renewal process. Our expert advisors are here to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless transition as you renew your business energy contracts. Whether you're looking to renew business energy contracts individually or together, we're here to help you secure the best rates and terms to meet your energy needs.

Supplier Negotiation

When comparing commercial gas and electricity prices, businesses must consider not only the cost of the energy but also factors such as a supplier’s service. While opting for the cheapest rates may seem attractive, receiving good customer service throughout the contract is as important.


We only recommend suppliers that have a great track record in supplying correct and timely invoices, are responsive to queries, and have easy to use, accessible online systems to aid contract management.


Moreover, businesses are increasingly prioritising sustainability, weighing the benefits of green energy options against traditional brown energy. At PEP, we will listen and understand your business priorities so that we can provide you with tailored recommendations. We empower businesses to make informed decisions by providing transparent insights into business gas and electricity rates, enabling comparisons that align with their budgetary and sustainability goals. 

Explore our articles on market pricing in the Energy News section for up-to-date information on the UK energy market. Whether you're seeking competitive business gas quotes or evaluating commercial electricity rates, we're here to help you find the right solution.

Electric meter
Utilities - Solar panel and Wind turbine

What our customers say...

"Professional Energy People have been crucial in helping us effectively manage our energy costs for both gas and electricity which is extremely important to us. They also expertly managed and implemented a new substation which allowed us to expand safely. The exceptional service that Linda and her team provide is second to none, and their personal approach makes them feel like they are part of our business."



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