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Professional Energy People source flexible energy contracts to suit your business needs

Flexible gas and electricity contracts allow you to take advantage of the ‘real-time’ energy market and to buy during price dips.  You can trade the raw energy ‘commodity’ cost in short or long-term periods to spread the risk of your energy purchasing. This product is a good option for high energy users as the potential savings can be significant.

Flexible energy procurement, often referred to as consumption-based or market-driven energy procurement, is a purchasing method involving procurement of energy from the wholesale market at multiple points throughout a contract. The non-commodity, third-party costs remain applicable but the big advantage of a flexible contract to businesses is the ability to be able to capitalise on periods of lower energy pricing.

Instead of opting for a traditional fixed rate contract, businesses can purchase energy through a flexible procurement strategy, taking advantage of live, market-driven rates. Our expert energy traders will recommend the best time to buy or sell energy to optimise prices. Energy rates fluctuate in response to changes in supply and demand, market conditions, and other societal factors, and so flexible procurement gives energy purchasers an ability to buy strategically to take advantage of favourable trading conditions. 

Our flexible procurement analysts will help you to select the right product for your business based on your usage and agreed risk strategy. Our energy analysts closely monitor energy markets and price trends to identify opportunities for cost savings. This involves utilising market intelligence, data analytics and expert insights to make informed purchasing decisions.

Flexible Energy Procurement Pros

✓   Visibility of costs over the term of the framework

✓   Purchase smaller or larger quantities of gas and                    electricity dependant on market conditions

✓   No retail supplier risk premiums

✓   Potential savings

Flexible Energy Procurement Cons

×   Potential increased costs

×   More involved purchasing

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Whilst a flexible energy contract allows you to take advantage of dips in the market, it can be risky if the market was to increase and the commodity hasn’t been hedged. Our energy trading experts will monitor market trends daily, providing up to the minute trading recommendations to inform you when it’s the best time to buy or sell. 

Managing flexible energy contracts requires a high level of expertise in energy markets, data analysis and risk management and is considerably more time consuming than opting for fixed business energy contracts. Decisions must be made in a timely manner to optimise procurement strategies and therefore it is usually preferred and hugely beneficial to appoint expert energy trading analysts to act on your behalf.

Flexible energy contracts

To determine if flexible energy purchasing is the most suitable method for your business, it will be dependent upon budgets, business goals and attitude to risk. It will also be largely dependent on the business’ volume of energy consumption. 

A flexible energy contract, available for both business gas and business electricity, is usually the recommended contract type for energy intensive users, typically large, corporate or multi-site organisations. However, Professional Energy People also have flexible options for smaller energy users. 

We offer a standalone flex product for large energy users with over 2GWh annual electricity usage. There is also an option for companies with smaller energy consumption to access our Enhanced Procurement Product (EPP) which is a multi-client flexible product combining multiple business' consumption together to allow for greater purchasing power and access to more competitive energy rates. These are available to companies that use a minimum of 0.5 GWh annually. 

Opting for flexible energy procurement from Professional Energy People means that your energy purchasing is in expert hands. We’ll ensure that purchases are hedged and contained within a 3 year framework to mitigate risk and remove the need for annual tenders. We’ll take care of the end-to-end procurement process to simplify your energy purchasing as far as possible.

Do you feel apprehensive about managing a flexible purchasing contract in-house or simply don’t have the time to manage an energy contract of this nature? That’s where Professional Energy People can help. With award winning energy procurement services, you can be confident that our team is suitably qualified and experienced to manage your flexible procurement strategy from end-to-end. 

Our energy analysts and traders are up-to-date with real-time market changes and with a dedicated account manager who knows your business energy contract inside and out, you can be assured that we will act to buy or sell energy on your behalf at the optimum time, every time. We’ll create a bespoke strategy to suit your business needs, taking into consideration risk. We have access to advanced market analytics and data technology as well as strong supplier relationships which allows us to provide you with the ideal solution to suit your business objectives.

Our flexible procurement service includes:

  • Access to our Enhanced Procurement Product (EPP) multi-client flexible product;

  • Your own individual risk management strategy and flexible procurement service;

  • A dedicated energy account manager.

Energy Supplier Negotiation
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  • What’s the difference between prompt and curve pricing?
    Prompt and curve pricing are two different approaches to purchasing energy within a flexible contract. Prompt pricing involves purchasing energy at the time of consumption at the live market price. Curve pricing is a fixed structure whereby there are predetermined rates or a ‘price curve’ agreed in advance. Curve pricing allows for more stability and a lower risk. Both prompt and curve pricing structures are available within a flexible energy contract but curve pricing will be structured in a different way compared to fully fixed contracts.
  • Will a flexible contract be more expensive than a fixed contract?
    The cost of your energy and the most ideal purchasing contract type for your business will depend on a wide range of factors. Our team at Professional Energy People can discuss your usage, business objectives and billing requirements to make suitable recommendations on the most cost effective energy contract for you. Your company’s attitude to risk will play a big part in determining a suitable contract type as the energy market is notoriously volatile.
  • Can I pay by another method other than Direct Debit?
    This will depend on each businesses' credit rating. If you have a good credit rating then paying by BACS might be an option but would need to be agreed by the supplier and there may be a premium added to your unit rate for these payment methods.

If you would prefer a contract that gives you more budget certainty you should consider a Fixed Procurement contract.

Fixed prices offer stability and protection against energy price fluctuations which help with forecasting budget confidence.  Learn more.

Energy power line
Fixed Energy Procurement

Fixed prices offer stability and protection against energy price fluctuations which help with forecasting budget confidence.

Flexible gas and electricity contracts

Buying gas and electricity on flexible contracts empower customers to adapt to changing market conditions and achieve potential cost savings.

Water Procurement

We can assess your water contract and evaluate different suppliers to find you the best solution based on pricing, service levels and reliability.

PEP Procurement Services

What our customers say...

"Professional Energy People have been crucial in helping us effectively manage our energy costs for both gas and electricity which is extremely important to us. They also expertly managed and implemented a new substation which allowed us to expand safely. The exceptional service that Linda and her team provide is second to none, and their personal approach makes them feel like they are part of our business."



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