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Professional Energy People will negotiate the best value fixed price energy contract for you

Fixed energy procurement contracts allow businesses to agree a set price for its gas and electricity for future contracted energy volumes. Both the raw energy ‘commodity’ and third-party ‘non-commodity’ costs are fixed giving you total control over your bills. This is great for budget forecasting as it protects customers from any rising costs.​

Fixed energy deals are available to all businesses but are usually most suited to small and medium sized enterprises. A fixed contract allows you to purchase your gas and/or electricity in one single transaction with costs locked in when the energy contract is signed. 


As the energy market is highly volatile, fixing your business energy prices can give you peace of mind that you will not be faced with unexpected bill increases, keeping your risk levels low with price certainty.


With fixed business energy contracts you have flexibility with a choice of contract length. This allows businesses to choose a 1, 2 or 3 year term depending on which best aligns with the current market pricing as well as their operational needs.


A fixed contract has the added benefit of less involvement needed by clients once a contract is in place, compared with flexible contract options. 

Fixed Energy Procurement Pros

✓  100% budget certainty

✓  Single transaction contract

✓  Choice of contract length with a 1, 2 or 3-year term 

✓  Great for simplicity & consistency

✓  Available to all businesses

Fixed Energy Procurement Cons

×   Retail suppliers add a risk premium

×   Less control over the price

×   Single transaction purchase

×   Fixing when prices might be high

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The downside to fixed energy contracts is that the non-commodity is charged at a premium because retail suppliers add a forecast risk into the cost for market changes over the agreed term. You could also be buying at a time when the market is high and end up fixed into an inflated price during your contract term.


We work independently with all major utility companies in the UK to leverage preferential rates to provide a competitive and impartial selection of fixed contracts. 


Our team proactively source indicative pricing options for client consideration and to help with budget planning. 


We also secure prices when they are favourable which often means buying gas or electricity contracts early for clients, regardless of any existing contract end dates. This locks in those prices ready for when the new contract is planned to start.

During energy procurement, you will want to consider the different types of business energy contracts to determine the most cost effective and valuable option for your requirements. 


Our energy procurement experts consider all your operational needs as well as current market trends to determine whether a fixed contract is right for your business. At Professional Energy People, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your options.  

For more details on fixed energy procurement speak to an energy expert today.

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Energy procurement can be a time consuming task, searching for the best deals and fully understanding whether a fixed energy contract is the right option for your business. Professional Energy People will take that burden off your hands by analysing your business energy usage, discussing your operational requirements with you, and providing you with transparent recommendations for you to consider.


Talking to one of our energy experts gives you access to our professional negotiation tactics and preferential rates, bringing you the most advantageous option for your energy procurement. We know the energy market like the back of our hand and therefore we can advise you on the optimal time to fix your business energy contract. We will help you by liaising with suppliers on your behalf to secure your contracts and ensure that you have continuous ongoing support where needed once the contracts are in place.

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  • What’s the difference between prompt and curve pricing?
    Prompt and curve pricing are two different approaches to purchasing energy within a flexible contract. Prompt pricing involves purchasing energy at the time of consumption at the live market price. Curve pricing is a fixed structure whereby there are predetermined rates or a ‘price curve’ agreed in advance. Curve pricing allows for more stability and a lower risk. Both prompt and curve pricing structures are available within a flexible energy contract but curve pricing will be structured in a different way compared to fully fixed contracts.
  • Will a flexible contract be more expensive than a fixed contract?
    The cost of your energy and the most ideal purchasing contract type for your business will depend on a wide range of factors. Our team at Professional Energy People can discuss your usage, business objectives and billing requirements to make suitable recommendations on the most cost effective energy contract for you. Your company’s attitude to risk will play a big part in determining a suitable contract type as the energy market is notoriously volatile.
  • Can I pay by another method other than Direct Debit?
    This will depend on each businesses' credit rating. If you have a good credit rating then paying by BACS might be an option but would need to be agreed by the supplier and there may be a premium added to your unit rate for these payment methods.

If you would prefer a contract that isn’t fixed you should consider a Flexible Procurement energy contract.

These are suitable for large energy users who prefer having more control over monthly gas and electricity costs. Learn more.

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Fixed prices offer stability and protection against energy price fluctuations which help with forecasting budget confidence.

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Buying gas and electricity on flexible contracts empower customers to adapt to changing market conditions and achieve potential cost savings.

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We can assess your water contract and evaluate different suppliers to find you the best solution based on pricing, service levels and reliability.

Energy Procurement Services

What our customers say...

"Professional Energy People have been crucial in helping us effectively manage our energy costs for both gas and electricity which is extremely important to us. They also expertly managed and implemented a new substation which allowed us to expand safely. The exceptional service that Linda and her team provide is second to none, and their personal approach makes them feel like they are part of our business."



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