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It is a legal requirement that all electricity meters are installed, managed, maintained and upgraded by a Meter Operator (MOP) and that a valid MOP contract is in place.

We’ve built excellent partnerships with industry-leading MOPs to ensure clients receive competitive prices and a service we can confidently put our name to.


Data Collection (DC) and Data Aggregation (DA) is also a legal requirement for half hourly meters.  The DC will retrieve your consumption data and the DA validates it for billing.  

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Accurate and timely data will help to provide correct billing information to ensure you only pay for the energy you use.


Our team can negotiate combined MOP, DC and DA contracts which can often reduce the overall cost; and help to consolidate MOPs where multiple agreements are in place.

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What our customers say...

Linda and the team have helped us manage our energy efficiency for many years through their first-rate procurement service. They always go the extra mile to help us with any day-to-day issues that arise which is invaluable to us. This recent solar panel installation is a good example of the wider energy support they provide to clients which has been excellent from start to finish.


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