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Annual Savings Even When the Market is Tough

Coster Group is a world-leading manufacturer of aerosol valves and filling equipment that sells products into the health and beauty sectors. Their sustainably built Derbyshire plant operates over a 10,000 m2 plot and has been custom-built to produce high-quality aerosol valves to the local market.

Our energy procurement service included reviewing their historical and future forecast usage to ensure they had a procurement strategy that was tailored to what they needed.

Recently they asked for help after identifying that they were using considerably less kVA power than their allocated capacity. With prices escalating over the past 12 months, it was even more important to ensure Coster only paid for what was absolutely necessary.

Sales Manager, Kayleigh Thompson arranged to have the kVA capacity reduced from 2000 kVA to 750 kVA resulting in a saving of £1910 per month.

This caused them to move down TCR bandings which meant we were able to renegotiate their standing charges contract, providing savings from £123.96 to £25.78 per day, creating a saving of £35,835. Overall we saved Coster Group £58,755 per year on their energy bills.

Mark at Coster Group comments:

“Kayleigh has been a huge help through the entire process offering expert advice and support. This saving of over £58,000 is a significant annual amount that can be redeployed into making the business even more energy efficient. I highly recommend the team at PEP for going above and beyond what I would have expected from a procurement service.”

At Professional Energy People, we offer a complete energy management service. Get in touch for a free audit to see if we can save you money.

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