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Business Gas and Electricity Winter Pricing Update

Some energy contracts will be due for renewal soon so we wanted to give businesses an overview of the market and some indication of what can be expected.

There’s plenty of media attention around the Domestic Price Cap which will see prices potentially double over the next few months. Unfortunately, the story is the same in the commercial market, with unprecedented price rises continuing to have a huge impact across the UK.

Winter prices surge

We’ve been seeing massive swings in prices of 5p/kWh in a day for electricity which translates into thousands of pounds in extra energy costs for some businesses which is a real concern.

Winter 2022/23 prices have had a huge amount of risk built in because of concerns around the gas supply into Europe and the UK.

These graphs demonstrate electricity and gas commodity prices by month over the next few years compared to the long-term average we have seen between 2012 and 2021 (bottom blue line).

Electricity prices

There’s a clear difference between this

winter and subsequent winters which should ease in the future, although still much higher than previous winters.

Gas prices

There’s less of a differential for gas across the next 2 winters and further out prices are again forecast to be lower but well above the historical average.

How does this affect your energy bill?

This table demonstrates the current level of increases on fixed-term energy contracts for the year ahead.

Electricity and Gas Winter Prices - 26 August 2022

What is causing the price surge?

Global supply and demand are the root cause of the state of the market:

  • Freeport LNG fire – A fire resulted in a reduction of liquified natural gas (LNG) cargos from the US to the UK and Europe.

  • Nordstream 1 – This is a direct gas pipe from Russia to Germany which is being used as a ‘gas war’ strategy, with supply already cut down to only 20% of capacity leaving Germany woefully exposed and without enough gas reserves for the winter ahead.

  • Gas rationing – Emergency measures have come into place across Europe to reduce gas demand by 15% to help increase gas reserves for the winter.

  • French nuclear – Numerous issues around French nuclear power stations have caused them to be taken offline for safety checks.

What can you do to support your business?

Contingency plan - Areas across Europe are already seeing gas rationing so we would strongly advise that you look at contingency measures in the event of a national energy emergency where there will be a mandate to cut consumption.

Home working - Consider getting staff to work from home as you did during lockdown, although you will need to balance that with their ability to afford to heat their homes for work.

Energy management investment Our team can help you to find ways of reducing energy waste and implement energy solutions that will make you more self-sufficient and lower future energy costs. You can view some of the testimonials and case studies we’ve completed here.

Savings tips - There are some basic things that can really make a difference. We’ve produced several articles and videos to help big and small businesses find quick ways to cut energy.

Your next energy contract

Our team are constantly monitoring the market to find the best options for customers.

Get in touch for help and support with your business energy.

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