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Don’t Paper Over the Cracks

You’ve probably come into contact with Penistone Paper products indirectly at some point without knowing it.

Their high-quality paper and board has been used across the globe for more than fifty years by print and packaging companies, retailers, food manufacturers and mail delivery companies, who turn them into everyday consumer packaging.

With a large amount of machinery and extensive warehousing facilities to run, their energy consumption is a significant part of their overall running costs.

They turned to our team for help over five years ago after purchasing gas and electricity direct. We successfully secured savings for them and have been their energy buyer ever since, continually getting them the best prices whilst dealing with any problems that have arisen.

Paul from Penistone Paper comments “I’ve worked with Linda and the team for years now. Not only have they helped me save money on buying our gas and electricity, they’ve also saved me time trying to buy it direct. They have the knowledge of when to get the best deal for us and are always on the end of the phone to sort out any billing problems with suppliers. They’re a great team to work with and completely take the hassle out of buying our energy.”

Get in touch today for support with your businesses energy procurement.

0114 327 2645


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