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Energy Management Reporting System is Top of the Class

Cheney Secondary School identified over £31k of waste on their annual fuel bills by using this Energy Management reporting software.

Initially, they needed to understand the baseload to set a realistic reduction target. The school ran a ‘Switch Off Night’ where only critical systems such as servers were left on. Making sure all other items were switched off throughout the school provided a true overnight baseload to work with. As many of these items were often left on day after day it was felt this would also eliminate daytime waste.

By analysing the energy data from their half-hourly meters they reduced the overnight and holiday consumption of electricity by 16% and gas by 14%.

To help the school manage their energy more efficiently, sub-meters were installed across different departments which allowed them to manage behavioural attitudes and patterns effectively. Gas AMR data loggers were also installed to ensure data aligned correctly with the baseline.

By further review of occupancy reports for gas and electricity during closed periods such as holidays, further waste was identified totalling £31,744, 25% of their annual energy cost.

Our reporting service

We now provide Energy Management reporting for gas to complement our reports for customers with half-hourly electricity meters.

Get in touch for more information or to arrange your gas Energy Reporting service.

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View here for full case study details.


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