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Energy Saving Tips for The Office

We love saving our customers money on their energy bills. And that doesn’t stop at getting the best deals on electricity and gas. There are also plenty of things businesses can do to cut down on day to day energy running costs to save money. That’s why we’ve compiled this checklist of our top 10 energy saving tips for your office.

1. Switch off lighting when not in use and consider installing sensors - Save up to 50%

2. You can also change old light bulbs to new LED lighting - Save up to 20%

3. Reduce your temperature by just 1°c - Save up to 8%

4. Switch off computers and monitors at the end of the day - Save up to 6%

5. Switch computers to sleep mode during the day.

6. Reduce your IT servers and consider alternative cloud-based systems.

7. Set printers to print double-sided and black and white.

Don’t forget to switch them off at the end of each day.

8. Switch off any unused kitchen appliances.

9. Make sure your air conditioning is maintained annually to keep it efficient.

10. Upgrade to more energy efficient products.

Get in touch for advice on our independent energy audits or any of our other energy procurement services for your business.

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