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Professional Energy Purchasing Joins the Ombudsman Services Energy Broker Scheme

Customer service is the number one priority for our team and the reason why so many of our clients stay with us for so many years.

Ombudsman Services have been providing independent dispute resolution services across a variety of sectors for over 20 years.

Recently, they have been working with energy regulator Ofgem to find ways of improving energy services to micro businesses which include fairer and better deals, as well as a place to escalate a complaint about their energy.

This has resulted in the launch of the new scheme which we’ve successfully been accepted onto following a review of our processes and relevant documentation.

Any complaints should still follow the process found on our website but can now be escalated to Ombudsman Services after 8 weeks if a satisfactory resolution hasn’t been achieved here.

The new scheme officially launches on the 1st of December 2022 and our dedicated membership number is C35PROF01.

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