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Launch of our Fresh New Look and Website to Promote New Energy Management Services

You are one of the first to see our new brand identity and website, developed to support our extended energy management services and vision for the future of the business.

The new services including energy compliance support and Net Zero planning have been introduced to reflect the changing energy landscape and challenges of our customers.

Linda Spencer, managing director comments “As the UK energy market continues to change and with it, new compliance legislation and net zero targets, businesses that can’t afford an in-house energy manager need additional support. In the past we’ve helped clients with energy efficiency planning as part of our energy buying service but on an ad hoc basis.”

“With the growing demand from clients and the drive from government, it feels like the right time to invest and expand our business energy services. This has included bringing in a full time Energy Manager who is already booked out until July.”

PEP has also refreshed and modernised its brand identity to convey this new up-to-date era of the business. This includes a redesign of the logo, new colour palette and fonts, and a specifically designed icon created to represent a flame depicting energy and ‘P’ for the business name which can be used across digital channels.

Linda comments “As part of this new chapter of the business we decided our brand identity needed to evolve too. The old brand had become slightly outdated which didn’t fit with the new modern vision for the business.”

“I’m really excited about the future of the company which is in its eight year. Despite lockdown being incredibly challenging as it has for so many businesses, we used the time to plan. I’m confident with the changes we’ve made and the team I have in place that we are in a really strong position as we come out of the pandemic.”

View our shiny new website for full details of our energy management services for your business.


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