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Energy Solutions for a Multi-Site Property Portfolio

Managing the gas and electricity supply for a diverse portfolio of commercial properties can be a challenge. With multiple sites to manage, each with their own requirements, and numerous tenants to keep happy, getting the right energy support is about more than just getting the best energy prices.

That’s why Litton Properties has been working with us since we opened our doors for business over eight years ago. This highly experienced property developer has several business and retail parks across the region, each with its own gas and electricity supply.

Not only have we helped to secure the best contracts for their estate, we’ve also been their one-stop-shop for any energy-related issues they’ve had including assisting with new meter installations, monitoring energy use to find further cost savings and being at the end of the phone to sort out any problems.

Paul from Litton Properties comments: "Linda and her team are always a great help to Litton with any energy-related issues we have. Their service is much more than purely buying the gas and electricity for our portfolio. Various things have occurred over the years where we have needed their expert advice and support which has been invaluable to us. As a supplier I can’t commend them enough."

We’re looking forward to the next chapter as we explore sustainable energy solutions and move towards our Net Zero future.

Get in touch for help with your energy requirements.

0114 327 2645


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