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Securing the Best Energy Prices for Electrical Specialists

Industrial electrical specialists Abtech Ltd have recently renewed their energy contracts with Professional Energy Purchasing, following years of fantastic service from the team.

The Sheffield-based manufacturer are no stranger to the energy market, supplying industrial and hazardous area enclosures and lighting to the oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors worldwide.

Energy is a considerable cost to the running of the business so buying well and looking for efficiency savings are an important part of the service we provide.

With current energy market prices continuing to soar, our job was to secure the best contracts for gas and electricity to keep costs as low as possible.

Another part of our procurement service is to monitor Abtech’s consumption through our bespoke energy reports. These highlight if any energy spikes or dips occur so that we can quickly investigate them, inform the business, and potentially adjust their kVA capacity to reduce any electricity waste.

Neil from Abtech Ltd comments: “As the company name suggests, your energy is purchased professionally and the team at PEP are very responsive to the market movements which is particularly useful right now when it’s so volatile. The team provided us with excellent solutions that we wouldn’t have had if we had tried to manage this ourselves.”

If your business needs support with purchasing energy contact our specialists today.

0114 327 2645


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