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Creating energy-efficient schools, colleges and universities

Fluctuating energy costs over recent years has put huge pressure on school, college, and university budgets.

Developing long-term strategic energy plans is critical to achieving long-term cost reduction and sustainability, to ensure buildings and estates are more energy efficient, that carbon neutrality can be achieved, and that money saved can be reinvested in student education.

Our team can help you to become more energy efficient, reduce costs and carbon, and develop your strategic energy plan.

Services we offer:

  • Competitive gas, electricity and water contracts

  • Energy audits and costed energy reduction plans

  • Carbon reduction and Net Zero plans

  • Sustainable project investment support such as solar PV and heat pumps

  • Metering support - installations, downgrades and removals

  • Bill validation using specialist utility invoicing software

  • Rebate and grant support

Compliance Services

What our customers say...

"Professional Energy People have been crucial in helping us effectively manage our energy costs for both gas and electricity which is extremely important to us. They also expertly managed and implemented a new substation which allowed us to expand safely. The exceptional service that Linda and her team provide is second to none, and their personal approach makes them feel like they are part of our business."



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