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A Landmark Success

Landmarks Ltd is an independent specialist college for people with learning difficulties operating across multiple sites. They came to us for a review of their current contract and help to procure their new gas and electricity supply.

Whilst their incumbent supplier charged a fee for providing quotes, we provided a free, no-obligation review as part of our standard service providing them with an instant saving.

Part of their review included an initial site visit to help us assess how they were using energy across their sites.

We identified and secured savings across all three sites arranged through a new fixed-term annual contract. We also booked in a 6-month renewal notice call from the offset to ensure the client had plenty of time to secure the best prices again in the future. This is an important service benefit, as it’s difficult for clients to know their energy contract notice periods which can often lead to additional or increased costs if not managed in time.

Daniel from Landmarks comments “Professional Energy People is extremely efficient in finding us the best prices available across all our sites. The staff are quick to respond and help with any properties you might add, should you expand your sites, even with short notice. We have secured savings on every existing contract to date, including our renewals, whatever time of year. I would highly recommend using this company if you want to make a saving on your energy”.

It gives us a warm glow to know those savings are being used to help even more people in our community learn and grow.

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