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Professional Energy Purchasing Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Linda Spencer (MD) and Daniel Pearson (Energy Analyst) celebrate 10 years in business

The team at Yorkshire-based business energy consultancy, Professional Energy Purchasing (PEP) are celebrating the company’s 10th birthday today and looking forward to its ongoing success.

Founder and MD Linda Spencer was solely responsible for sales, account management and running the business, putting in long hours to make sure her high service ethic could be delivered to her clients.

She hired her first full-time employees a few years later to support the energy procurement arm of the business including sales executive Kayleigh Thompson, and Business Administration apprentice Daniel Pearson. Both have stayed and grown with the business as it has evolved, achieving roles as sales manager and energy analyst respectively.

Another notable milestone included the appointment of customer support Rebecca Pashley in 2018 who helped the business become ISO9001 accredited. This streamlined the business and enabled the team to pitch for government contracts.

The last decade has been a turbulent one for most which have seen Britain leave the EU, a global pandemic, and the energy market in a crisis caused by the Russian war against Ukraine. The global climate change agreement was also struck with targets to reduce carbon emissions and achieve Net Zero by 2050.

As with any great business leader, Linda looked for opportunities and positives during these times to make sure the business survived and came out fighting. She invested in marketing during Covid to promote energy-saving advice to customers and raise awareness of PEP’s energy services with local businesses through the local Chamber of Commerce.

She also invested in a new energy management team to help existing and new clients reduce energy, carbon, and consumption and plan for Net Zero. This strategic move has paid off, with several local authority contracts and a plethora of successful energy efficiency projects now under PEP’s belt.

Linda Spencer, MD comments “Running PEP has been an incredibly rewarding and interesting journey with lots of lessons along the way. We’ve had to adapt to market changes whilst maintaining a strong core service that our clients expect from us, many of which have been with me from the start.

Introducing the wider energy management service has meant PEP is playing a significant role in driving a greener future within the region which is fantastic. I expect this service to grow over the next few years as Net Zero moves higher up the government agenda and businesses seek ways to reduce their energy.

If I had to choose one thing to be proud of though it’s the team I have and being able to help them to achieve their potential. They are really talented and passionate about what they do and will hopefully continue to grow with the business for the next 10 years.”


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