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Local Energy Consultancy Wins Contract to Provide Free Energy Audits for South Yorkshire Businesses

Sheffield-based energy consultancy, Professional Energy People (PEP) has been selected to provide free energy audits for businesses across South Yorkshire.

This service is being funded as part of the £2.3m Low Carbon Business Support Grant to help companies find measures that will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The scheme which is part funded by the England European Regional Development Fund, aims to support over 250 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and reduce their carbon footprint as part of the governments drive to become Net Zero. The investment should increase long term profitability for businesses through lower energy costs and reduce the equivalent of 450 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Following the free initial energy audit, the scheme will also part-fund any improvements such as low-energy lighting systems, solar panels or improvements to heating.

PEP have been selected for their expertise in providing energy management solutions to SMEs across the region.

MD Linda Spencer comments “This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses. We know that company’s waste on average 20% of the energy they use which can be a significant cost saving, especially with the escalating energy prices we’ve seen over the last year.

Our energy audits will review several aspects of a business to look for carbon and energy savings, with a key focus on lighting, heating and air compressors. We also analyse the energy consumption to look for any other areas of potential waste.

A detailed report will provide recommendations on any savings identified, new energy efficiency technology investment, pay back periods, green energy procurement options, and advice on behavioural change.

We’ve found that one of the biggest stumbling blocks after an audit can be the investment needed to upgrade equipment and buildings. This funding should help companies make those much-needed changes that will give them long-term saving benefits whilst reducing their carbon footprint.”

The grant is expected to run until June 2023.

PEP recently carried out an energy audit for Arden Winch which uncovered potential savings of 33% on their energy consumption, and 13.1 tonnes of carbon per year.

Read the case study here.

For more details contact the PEP team on 0114 327 2645 |

To find your local funding contact visit here.


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