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How We Offset 25% of Electricity Costs and 4.6 Tons of Carbon for Arden Winch

We recently carried out an energy audit at workwear provider Arden Winch to explore long-term savings, reduce emissions, and make them less reliant on traditional energy sources.

We discovered several in-house energy efficiency options which would provide significant long-term savings and help them on the road to Net Zero.

One of those was to utilise the roof of their building as a source of energy due to the large surface area and sunlight exposure available. Jason Martin, an energy manager at PEP recommended investing in solar PV panels which would also provide long life expectancy, low maintenance costs and added protection from increasing energy costs.

The customised solar panel system was designed and installed through one of our trusted energy partners. The 84-panel solution took only 2 days to install and produces over 19.410 kWh of electricity per annum, that’s the equivalent of charging 560,894 smartphones or burning 2,316 kilograms of coal.

The investment will also reduce their carbon footprint by 4.6 tonnes of CO2 per annum and create an annual saving of £3,833 per year after the initial 7-year payback period.

Steven from Arden Winch comments:

Jason at PEP has supported us every step of the way with our energy-efficiency journey, providing us with endless opportunities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The installation of the solar panels took only 2 days to install, and we were up and running instantly. The project was delivered on time, to the expected budget, and to an exceptionally high standard. We are excited about the 4.6 tons of carbon we will save annually, as well as the financial gains we will make of £3,833 per year once the investment has been paid back. This project is another step forward for us in reducing energy and helping us toward our Net Zero targets.

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