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Cutting Business Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions Across the Region

The energy management team at Professional Energy Purchasing (PEP) have successfully delivered forty-three energy audits to businesses in less than a year as part of a regional government project. This has resulted in over £175,000 of grant funding being provided to local businesses and a reduction of 158 tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

The investment should also increase long-term profitability for the businesses involved due to the improvements in energy efficiency that were found.

PEP was selected because of our credentials in helping other businesses reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions, and plan for Net Zero. PEP Energy Manager, Jason Martin was also on hand to support the programme team at Sheffield City Council, to get them up to speed on the ins and outs of energy management processes and help them achieve their targets.

Laura Wheatley, Programme Manager at Sheffield City Council comments

“I am really pleased with the outcomes we have achieved in the programme’s first year. PEP has done a fantastic job in delivering high-quality energy audits that businesses can use to become more energy-efficient and reduce their long-term energy costs and carbon emissions, something which will benefit the whole region.
We are aware of further grant applications from PEP’s audits in the pipeline so should see these carbon savings and grant funding allocation numbers increasing.
Not only did PEP do a great job for us and the businesses they worked with, but they were also a pleasure to deal with. Jason has been incredibly flexible and patient when we’ve had challenges to overcome and has personally taken time out to teach me important details about energy management that will help us shape the next phase of the scheme.”

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