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PEP Appointed to Help North East Derbyshire District Council Move Towards a Low Carbon Economy

North East Derbyshire District Council (NEDDC) is committed to the challenge of tackling climate change and reducing its carbon emissions to achieve the government target of Net Zero by 2050.

The Low Carbon Challenge Fund is one of several initiatives that has been rolled out across the region to help communities transition towards a low-carbon economy.

This fund is specifically available to businesses within the Clay Cross Town Deal area, one of over 100 towns in England to receive the funding to help in its regeneration.

Clay Cross Town Deal Commercial Grant Funding

An allocation of £645,000 has been ring-fenced from the £24.1m Town Deal funding for the Clay Cross Low Carbon Challenge Fund to:

  • Support developers or enterprises to implement low carbon investments for existing businesses and new business workspace provisions exceeding current standards/regulations; or

  • Support developers and enterprises with more ambitious low-carbon investment projects as exemplars/demonstrators who seek to achieve Net Zero.

Developers or enterprises operating from commercial premises (excluding home-based businesses) within the Clay Cross Town Deal boundary can apply for grant funding to carry out low-carbon initiatives:

  • Up to £10,000 per enterprise towards workspace energy efficiency investments

  • Up to £100,000 (or more by exception) for low carbon “high-impact” exemplar projects, defined as either innovative, multiple outcomes or achieves elevated performance standards.

The team at Professional Energy People (PEP) were chosen to help businesses investigate energy and carbon savings initiatives and complete the council’s grant application forms.

PEP’s energy advisors are also assisting with renewable investment solutions and creating detailed technical costed reports that are then submitted for funding consideration.

Investment include:

  • Improved insulation, lighting, heating and controls

  • Efficient motors, compressors, equipment

  • Vehicle chargers

  • Renewable energy (PV panels, ASHPs, GSHPs etc

  • Resource efficiency

  • Waste reduction and recycling

  • Improved metering and low-cost Building Management Systems

  • Emerging technological solutions

PEP was chosen for the project because of the success of other government-led funded projects such as the South Yorkshire Low Carbon Grant which demonstrated clear and tangible results.

Linda Spencer, PEP MD comments

“We were thrilled to be selected for this project and to help NEDDC make a positive impact towards their climate targets in Clay Cross.
Our team always go the extra mile to help businesses understand the practicalities of how to reduce their carbon, consumption and costs which is based on tried and tested methods.”

Ann Camus, Economic Development and Regeneration Manager for North East Derbyshire District Council comments

“PEP has been central to the ongoing success of the Low Carbon Challenge Fund and the benefits it is delivering to Clay Cross and its businesses.  The team at PEP has worked closely with local companies in developing their proposals from the conception stage through to delivery and has provided expert support and advice to NEDDC throughout the decision-making process.”

For more information about the Clay Cross Town Deal Low Carbon Challenge Fund visit

For energy and carbon-saving advice and support contact our friendly team of energy advisors.

0114 327 2645


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