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Government Announces New 2035 Carbon Reduction Targets

This is part of the roadmap to achieving its net-zero 2050 target which is aligned to the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC)’s recommendations for the Sixth Carbon Budget. The budget will also incorporate the UK’s share of international aviation and shipping emissions for the first time.

The UK was the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming with its 2050 net-zero target. Its plans are on track to hit current carbon budgets which have included quadrupling renewable electricity generation.

The new target which will become enshrined in law by the end of June 2021, will help the UK seize economic opportunities and capitalise on new green technologies which should lay the foundation for decades of jobs and growth.

This will include supporting existing industry to decarbonise such as the industrial sector which accounts for around one-sixth of UK emissions; whilst encouraging the growth of new, low carbon sectors. Businesses will need to embrace energy efficiency plans to play their part in achieving this ambitious target.

The news comes ahead of COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference summit in Glasgow later this year where it is hoped other world leaders will match the UK’s goals.

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