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Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Workwear provider, Arden Winch is well on its way to hitting its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The planning was kick-started by one of our business energy audits, which highlighted several energy-efficiency saving recommendations. This provided them with a roadmap to work to, showing quick, low-cost wins, longer-term sustainable investment options and clear payback periods.

This has led to several improvements including a new lighting system, intelligent boiler controls, and an 84-panel solar system installation.

The most recent investment has been a ground source heat pump which has replaced their outdated and inefficient gas boiler.

Installation involved drilling 2 x 125m bore holes into the ground to connect a 12kW CTC GSi Ground Source Heat Pump with an integrated hot water cylinder.

The system takes some low-grade energy from a closed loop system from the ground into the heat pump then adds a little electrical energy to boost it to a more usable temperature than can be used for heating and hot water.

Steven from Arden Winch comments

We are delighted with the installation of the new heat source pump which is our next step towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030.
We originally considered an air source heat pump but decided to go with a ground source pump despite it being more disruptive because it will be much more efficient to use. This will operate from the energy generated by the Solar PV, making us less reliant on traditional energy sources and less exposed to energy market price fluctuations.
This recent investment is another outcome of the energy audit report provided by Professional Energy People (PEP) last year. The team have been vital in helping us to create a clear plan that we can implement and have supported us with each step and investment we have made.
Next step is to launch a sustainability policy with help from PEP, that will set out our annual targets and direct the whole business to achieve our sustainability goals.
We will also be installing another Solar PV system later this year that will generate additional electricity to power the new heat pump and new EV chargers on site.

For more advice on low-carbon heating systems view this article.

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